How can I place my order?
  • Magical Mornings is a site designed to help make your gift shopping experience safe, personalized and unique. We offer surprise breakfasts and gifts for any special occasion.

What is Magical Mornings?
  • Our orders are made through the website and once the order is received our design team is responsible for billing thus making it a unique experience for you. On our website, www.magicalmornings.com - in the products section you can choose the package you want and add extra options to customize. After completing the order, a representative will review the details and billing will be processed in 24 to 48 hours. ** Orders are only received through the website. Orders through social networks will not be processed. **

Who can I contact if I have a problem?
  • Your payment is totally secure and is backed by PayPal. You can place an order and pay from anywhere in the world.

How secure is my payment?
  • After completing the order, our team will review the order and send an invoice to the email between 24 and 48 hours, which can be paid easily and securely by credit / debit card or approaching a Western Union point anywhere of the world.

How can I pay?
Can I make the payment any day and at any time?
  • Yes, you can make your purchases online at any time of the day just a click away.

How long in advance should I complete my order?
  • You must complete the order and payment 48 hours in advance. Last minute orders will have an additional charge and are subject to availability.

Can I create my own package?